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On the Spot: Google's Brett Crosby

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Everyone who has a website and a search marketing plan knows just how indispensable solid analytics data has become. While solid analytics packages were only available at a premium not long ago, the introduction of Google Analytics has given the … Read Full Post

Using Google Adwords Site Targeting? Two New Changes you Need to Know About

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If you’re using Site Targeting in your Google Adwords advertising strategy, then you’ll want to know about the two changes that Google announced to this feature this yesterday. Google Adwords Site Targeting has been around for a couple of years … Read Full Post

Don't Forget to Manage Your PPC Billboard!

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This past week Google held its annual analyst day and they also recently reported their Q3 2007 earnings. Nick Fox, director of product management in the advertising division made the statement during Analyst day, “the quality of ads is still … Read Full Post

On the Spot with WebShare: Three Questions with Google Website Optimizer Product Manager Tom Leung

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by David Booth Founding Partner at WebShare, LLC In the world of Ecommerce, those of us who have been involved in conversion marketing and statistical testing know just how big an impact even the smallest of details can make to … Read Full Post

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