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Mobile Research and App Usage in Brick-and-Mortar Retail Stores

Smart consumers use their mobile devices to check for in-store coupons and discounts, and to read product reviews. This poses a real  threat to retail stores, as it enables shoppers visiting brick-and-mortar locations to compare  the competition’s selection and prices … Read Full Post

What Every Marketer Needs to Know About Omnichannel, Programmatic, and Measurement Frameworks Webinar Q&A

In a recent webinar with the American Marketing Association, Cardinal Path’s panel of experts including Alex Langshur, Corey Koberg, and Eric Hitchman, shared insights into some of the most powerful marketing techniques available today. The questions from the audience made it … Read Full Post

Omnichannel Winners of the Top 500 – A Survival Guide for Store-Based E-Retailers

In response to’s dominance in e-commerce, major retail chains are reacting by pushing omnichannel initiatives. They’re creating customer experiences that combine traditional brick-and-mortar stores with web and mobile commerce properties to try and attract new shoppers, improve sales, and … Read Full Post

Omnichannel Marketing Webinar Q&A

  While 86% of marketers agree that the benefits of an omnichannel approach to customer experience outweigh the challenges of implementing such an approach, only 16% of businesses say that they are meeting needs for consumer experience via omnichannel, according to a December … Read Full Post

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