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Klipfolio introduces KlipStart for Google Analytics

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You can now create powerful interactive dashboards for Google Analytics in less than three minutes with KlipStart from Klipfolio. Start customizing and integrating new data sources with a full-featured free trial of the Klipfolio.

We're Moving This Blog!

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Since PublicInsite became Cardinal Path a few months ago, you may have seen several writers from this blog contributing to the new Cardinal Path blog. Well, the time has come to make the transition complete and put all out efforts … Read Full Post

Effective Keyword Categorization Reveals More About Your Visitors

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When trying to make sense of a huge body of incoming search keywords found in log files collected by a web server or exported from Google Analytics keyword reports, we have traditionally found it incredibly useful to organize these keywords … Read Full Post

Keyword Analysis: How deep is deep enough?

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Search analysis is a crucial method for understanding visitor intent and many of us have learned about the long tail and its implications on the overall analysis of search terms. The reality is, however, that many organizations are pressed for … Read Full Post

Using On-site Search for SEO and SEM Insights in Google Analytics

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Your on-site search data can be a valuable source of information about what your audiences want and care about. If you think about it, people who are already on your site and enter a search term believe that you have … Read Full Post

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