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iPhone 3.0: It aint no ce…

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Yesterday Apple announced it. Yes, the thing you’ve all been waiting for. The greatest development in iPhone history. A change so monumental that it will fundamentally change how we use our iPhones and iPods forever. Apple implemented copy and paste … Read Full Post

iPhone Shortcomings: The iPhone ain't no cell phone

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To hold it is to love it. To first behold it is was almost spiritual – certainly sensual. But the iPhone is not a Cell Phone, as the table will show. The line dividing what is to be or not … Read Full Post

Mobile Application Testing

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Adobe has recently released their new Creative Suite CS3. As a part of this release they have included an application called Device Central. This application allows developers to test their content, including Flash Lite applications, on a broad range of … Read Full Post

Mobile websites for real estate agents

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At VKI Studios we are very excited about our upcoming attendance and sponsorship of the National Association of Realtors conference in New Orleans (NARdi Gras). What makes this even more exciting for us is the fact that we will be … Read Full Post

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