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An Update to the Erik Vasilik's "Poor Man's GWO/Analytics Integration": Using Custom Variables

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Here’s an update to Erik Vasilik’s “Poor Man’s GWO/Analytics Integration” technique. The latest iteration of the technique used GA’s user-defined variable to store the combination the visitor saw. Here’s an update to that technique, but leveraging the new Custom Variables … Read Full Post

Further Evolution of Google Website Optimizer

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Just a couple of weeks ago, I blogged about some cool new GWO features. This week, Google released two more. Experiment-Management API A critical step in the implementation of any GWO experiment is adding the GWO tags to the test … Read Full Post

Testing Youtube – An interview with the team behind the largest GWO test in history

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In January of 2009, YouTube approached VKI Studios to develop a test using Google’s own Website Optimizer. Working together, VKI Studios and YouTube implemented one of the largest Google Website Optimizer (GWO) experiments in history, with a whopping 1024 combinations … Read Full Post

Persuasive Web Design, Part 2: More Usable Is Not Always More Effective

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We recently concluded some interesting A/B/n tests for an online driving school’s landing page. I thought I’d share the results, as it’s a great example of the distinction between usable design and persuasive design. We restricted our test to the … Read Full Post

Free Google Webinar – Planning & Running Your First Website Optimizer Experiment

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Google and WebShare’s David Booth are teaming up to offer a free webinar on Thursday, September 24, 2009 at 10:00 am (PDT): Planning and Running your First Website Optimizer Experiment. Sign up for this webinar! This 90 minute webinar is … Read Full Post

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