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Google Analytics Adds Weighted Sort

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The stream of new Google Analytics features coming out of the Googleplex continues, and that’s what we like. Recently Google announced a helpful feature called Weighted Sort, which helps efficiently surface actionable data while helping you avoid meaningless outliers. One … Read Full Post

Are These Design Elements Providing the Expected Value Add?

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We help answer questions like this all the time! And with this simple method, you can too. With WebShare redesign projects, we do more than just build pretty websites. A truly good website is a combination of being aesthetically pleasing, … Read Full Post

Visitor Reports – User Defined

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The User Defined report in Google Analytics is a custom segmentation feature allowing you to expand the standard scope of analytics. With this report you can, as the name implies, define your own visitor segments and then compare those segments … Read Full Post

Visitor Reports – Network Properties – Connection Speeds

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What connection speeds are your visitors using and why does it matter?  It matters because the more you know about your visitor the more you can do to enhance their experience on your site.  The Connection Speeds report is going … Read Full Post

Visitor Reports – Network Properties – Hostnames

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The Hostname report under the Network Properties section of reports can offer you several insights. In Google Analytics, the Hostnames report lists the traffic to the different domains and subdomains on which you have installed the tracking code for your … Read Full Post

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