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Tag Management: data layer/DOM-scraping pros & cons

Data Layer

Is the data layer the be all and end all of tag management? In this article, we explore the benefits and caveats of using a data layer versus DOM-scraping techniques.

Why Non-Profits Should Track Donations With Google Analytics

Online donations are without a doubt an important source of income for non-profits. As a result, it’s vital that each organization keeps track of their website and its effectiveness in achieving fundraising goals. Find out why…. Read Full Post

A New Way NGOs Can Understand Their Online Supporters

NGOs and non-profit organizations now have another tool to help learn about the types of people that visit their sites: an integrated CRM and web analytics solution. Find out how this will change how we see our supporters online. Read Full Post

Election Website Showdown 2011: Part 3

Cardinal Path blog post

Now we’re putting the NDP in the hotseat in Part 3 of our Election Website Showdown. Read on and find out how they did. Read Full Post

Election Website Showdown 2011: Part 2

Cardinal Path blog post

It’s the Liberals’ turn under the microscope as we continue our Election Website Showdown. Come and take a close look at their website with us. Read Full Post

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