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Will mobile phones soon replace your credit card?

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Ever find your back pocket weighing you down because of your wallet? Would you like to be wallet-free? NFC (near-field communication) is a “tap to pay” technology seen in mobile devices that can easily exchange information with a single tap. … Read Full Post

QR codes: A marketer's key to measurement?

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In a previous blog on our site called “Can QR code usage data support investment cost?” we opened a discussion about the limited uptake with QR code usage in North America. Without even looking for raw statistics on this, I … Read Full Post

How Canadians use the Internet tomorrow is being decided today

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Recent decisions from the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) regarding usage-based billing and bandwidth throttling should serve to illustrate that decisions from the government can have a direct impact no only on your monthly bill, but also on the … Read Full Post

Can QR code usage data support investment cost?

Tying offline advertising efforts to online goals is a difficult nut to crack. Many organizations use vanity URLs (e.g. to measure how offline advertising is impacting their website, but there is the possibility to lose potential visitors if they … Read Full Post

The Real Purpose of Web Measurement

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Hint: We Don’t Want Your Credit Card Info Once in a while, the web measurement and analytics industry comes under enhanced scrutiny due to one controversy or another that is tangentially related to the privacy of the average person. Then, … Read Full Post

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