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Problems with Permission: Foursquare

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  It’s been a while since my last problems with permission post. Truth is, I’ve run out of bad examples of email marketing. “What,” you say, “there’s so much bad email marketing out there, how could you run out?” Well, … Read Full Post

Online Copywriting Tip: How to Polish Your Text

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Writing well comes easier to some people than to others. But even for the best writers, getting good results is largely a matter of putting in the effort. In this post, I’ll list a few tips that anyone can use … Read Full Post

Persuasive Messaging: Time for a Rhyme

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Remember Johnnie Cochran’s notorious line, “If the glove don’t fit, you must acquit”? Of course you do. And not just because it helped set murderer O.J. Simpson free. You remember it because it rhymes. It’s not surprising that rhyming statements … Read Full Post

Online Copywriting Tip: How to be Clear and Concise

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Web users are an impatient lot. Having run countless user tests, I can verify that users seldom read text the way they’d read a book. Rather, they scan through pages, looking for topics of interest. To be effective, web copy … Read Full Post

Canadian CAN SPAM – Bill C-28: the Fighting Internet (and wireless) Spam Act

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It has happened. After much processing, a few fallen governments, and about a trillion spam messages, Canada has passed its own anti-spam bill. And it’s about #*&%ing time. Formerly Bill C-27, the Electronic Commerce Protection Act, the new C-28 Fighting … Read Full Post

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