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AdWeek “Masters of Data”

It’s Advertising Week in New York City, and Wednesday (Day 3) was part of the “Data Track” of the event. So of course, our very own Alex Langshur, (Senior Partner and Co- founder at Cardinal Path), was on the scene! … Read Full Post

A Guide to Activating Audiences Using Analytics: Webinar Q & A

In today’s webinar that we co-presented with Internet Retailer, Cardinal Path experts, Nick Iyengar and Mary Andrews, explained how having a solid measurement framework in place will align your marketing initiatives toward a common business goal. A theme that came out of our … Read Full Post

High turnover of CMOs linked to challenges with digital & data

A recent study by Russell Reynolds Associates, shows that CMO turnover is higher than ever. This seems to be especially common in retail, where a whopping 48% of the top  retailers in the U.S. have had a change in their … Read Full Post

Retailer’s Guide to Activating Audiences Using Analytics- Internet Retailer Webinar Series

If you want to use your analytics to gain insights that move your audience to action, it’s not enough to collect and measure your data in an ad hoc manner. A measurement framework is needed to bring structure, context, and … Read Full Post

Cardinal Path at the GPeC Summit: Interview with Alex Langshur on Customer Engagement & LTV

Cardinal Path Co-Founder and Senior Partner, Alex Langshur, participated in the recent GPeC Summit as a keynote speaker. GPeC’s official reporter Andra Zaharia caught up with him to discuss the importance of client engagement and customer lifetime value, and how … Read Full Post

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