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Get Access to Optimizely's Private Beta

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After our recent blog post, WebShare readers may already be familiar with Optimizely, a brand new A/B testing platform that’s currently in private beta. Today we’re pleased to announce that WebShare readers can gain access to the private beta by … Read Full Post

How to deal with perceptual blindness – Dare to not be different

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One of our most popular services at WebShare is to critique ecommerce sites, and one concept that comes up often is perceptual blindness.  This is the tendency to overlook something that is right in front of you because it’s not … Read Full Post

First Look: Optimizely

Cardinal Path blog post

One of the cooler things about working at WebShare is the fact that we regularly get our hands on the newest, most exciting tools in the analytics and testing industry. One tool we’re especially excited about right now is Optimizely, … Read Full Post

How to search a specific user’s feed in Twitter

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The half-life of a Tweet is extremely short (estimated by some to be as little as four minutes).  We usually worry about this as content creators wondering how long our message  will be visible to our readers, but it can … Read Full Post

Free Google Webinar – Planning & Running Your First Website Optimizer Experiment

Cardinal Path blog post

Google and WebShare’s David Booth are teaming up to offer a free webinar on Thursday, September 24, 2009 at 10:00 am (PDT): Planning and Running your First Website Optimizer Experiment. Sign up for this webinar! This 90 minute webinar is … Read Full Post

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