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How to Estimate ROI on Non-Ecommerce Sites

Mark Tallman

This blog post will show you how to estimate how much each form submission is worth to your business. First, you’ll need a few things to do the calculation properly. Define Goal Values in Google Analytics Adding values to your … Read Full Post

Data Visualization: Enabling data-driven business discussions

Source: iStock Photo

By now most organizations buy in to the fact that data is one of their most valuable assets and that they should be making their business decisions based upon insights they derive from it.  It sure helps when you present … Read Full Post

Persuasion Profiling: The Next Big Thing in Conversion Optimization?

Cardinal Path blog post

When logging into webinars, I always keep my expectations in check. Often, webinars only offer a somewhat new take on familiar material. Or they’re 90% sales pitch. But on May 30, Tim Ash and Maurits Kaptein hosted a standout webinar … Read Full Post

Goodbye WebShare, Hello Cardinal Path!

Cardinal Path blog post

Six years ago we started WebShare with the singular goal of passing on the knowledge and skills we had acquired in Internet marketing to our clients and partnering with them to take their digital strategy to the next level.Over the … Read Full Post

Alphanumeric Phone Numbers Online

Cardinal Path blog post

A guy walks into an airport bar and asks the bartender if he can just take a look at the phone.  “You don’t want to make a call?”  “Nope, just want to look at the phone.”  I know it sounds … Read Full Post

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