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Youtube video tracking with GTM and UA: a step by step guide

Youtube tracking with GTM and UA

During our GTM+UA webinar I was asked about tracking YouTube videos with the help of Google Tag Manager and Universal Analytics. I quickly demonstrated how we’re doing it in our WASP playground. Here’s a step by step guide to the … Read Full Post

Removing AdWords Automatic CPC Bid Limit

Cardinal Path blog post

I’m always hesitant about using automatic features in Google, but automatic bidding for clicks is one I’ve had success with in the past. I decided to see what would happen if I removed the bid limit from our highest traffic … Read Full Post

AdWords Image Ad Extensions

Cardinal Path blog post

Google continues to evolve its Ad Extensions with its latest addition in Image Ad Extensions. This is an exciting new tool that allows you to stand out and get noticed. Give your potential visitors a little visual enticement and a … Read Full Post

eMetrics Boston: a step on the path to your digital analytics maturity

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It’s that time again! I will speak at my 27′th eMetrics conference! eMetrics Boston is one of the most important events in the digital analytics industry. For beginners, eMetrics is an initiation – a great opportunity to break the ice … Read Full Post

When Bounce Rate is Not Bounce Rate in Google Analytics

Bounce Rage Feature

In web analytics Bounce Rate is a popular (loved and hated) metric we like to throw around in reports, dashboards, and some conversations where we want to impress. Google Analytics, of course, reports on bounce rates and does a great … Read Full Post

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