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Best Practices for Keyword Research

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You can follow all the SEO fundamentals, optimize your site to its fullest potential, but if you are using the wrong keywords, then you’re just wasting your time. Keyword research has been a constant in SEO, and is one of … Read Full Post

Why do keyword research before a SEO or paid search campaign?

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Keyword research is an important part of any strategy to increase paid or organic search traffic. It involves using various online tools to discover what words people use while searching for particular information and in what quantities. This background information … Read Full Post

May 25 – Web Analytics Wednesday in Ottawa Review

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Blinking text. Hit counters. These were the ways we used to attract visitors’ attention and track our success online. We’re a long way from Geocities and Angelfire, but have our testing and measurement practices evolved since then? User Experience Designer … Read Full Post

Why Non-Profits Should Track Donations With Google Analytics

Online donations are without a doubt an important source of income for non-profits. As a result, it’s vital that each organization keeps track of their website and its effectiveness in achieving fundraising goals. Find out why…. Read Full Post

A New Way NGOs Can Understand Their Online Supporters

NGOs and non-profit organizations now have another tool to help learn about the types of people that visit their sites: an integrated CRM and web analytics solution. Find out how this will change how we see our supporters online. Read Full Post

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