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Five Alternate Uses for Google Analytics Features

We’ve explored many uses and applications of Google Analytics including understanding your customers through behavioral flow reporting and running semi-automated tasks by using a solution that applies JavaScript inside the Google Chrome Console. We even wrote an ebook on Google … Read Full Post

How to measure engagement on websites without conversions

It’s relatively easy to measure and evaluate ecommerce sites that have easily-identifiable conversions, but what about websites that don’t sell products?  We explored estimating ROI on non-ecommerce sites that have online forms for users to complete, but what about websites … Read Full Post

Communicating with iframe for Google Analytics

Recently, we helped a client to create a system to prevent double counting on web pages with iframes. Depending on your background and situation, you may have already been exposed to various workarounds via articles such as this one by … Read Full Post

Data Activation

We hear the jargon at every conference: predictive, programmatic, personalization, lifetime value, DMPs, right-message-right-person-right-time and so on. Little wonder then that marketers get discouraged—those desirable end-states often seem so far from where the organization is today. Too often the gap … Read Full Post

How can publishers use their analytics data to save themselves?

Continuously dropping advertising rates are the reason why so many print magazines and newspapers are struggling and disappearing from the media landscape. Publishers themselves have played a big role in the decline of ad prices by not making enough of … Read Full Post

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