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YouTube, founded in 2005, started out as the poster child for Web 2.0. In the years since it has gone on to become one of the Web’s largest, and most ubiquitous brands. The unrivaled leader in online video sharing and one of the largest social media websites, YouTube has massive traffic demands, ranked the third most visited site by

Testing One of the World's Most Visited Websites

How do you change the culture of a social media giant? You show them results. In order to demonstrate to their own staff the potential of conversion testing, YouTube brought in Cardinal Path to show them how to design and run high-impact multivariate experiments to optimize conversion.


YouTube testing case study
Eager to promote their A/B & multivariate testing initiatives, YouTube sought to engage its staff in testing one of the most visited sites in the entire world. To demonstrate the power of conversion testing, they brought in Cardinal Path to design their initiatives.


Thanks to YouTube’s massive traffic levels, we were able to produce a test with over 1,000 different variations. This was one of the largest tests ever run, and demonstrated the near-unlimited potential for testing available to YouTube.


We produced a 15.7% increase in sign ups under our scheme. More importantly, it demonstrated just how powerful testing could be for YouTube, and how important the elements of test planning, design of experiment, technology selection, and statistical analysis are to a successful testing strategy.

Want the full case study?

Want the full case study?

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