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Discover the Value of CRM-Analytics Integration

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In a few of our recent blogs, we’ve talked about the value of integrating Customer Relationship Management (CRM) data with web analytics data. Does your company use a CRM solution but struggle to maximize value? Are you curious how linking … Read Full Post

Integrating CRM and Analytics Data: What You Need to Get Started

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In today’s competitive software market, there are a variety of solutions to match an organization’s needs. Clearly, web analytics and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools are no different, with many offering Software as a Service (SAAS) options and locally hosted … Read Full Post

A Simple Yet Effective View of Your Traffic Sources

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This is Part II of How do Visitors Find You?. Introduction In part 1 of this blog, we touched on the major benchmarks related to referrer traffic for public sector and non-profit sites. In part 2 we will talk about … Read Full Post

Analytics Is More Than Just 'Web Stats'

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The very young field of ‘Web Analytics’ has undergone some seismic shifts in the space of a few short years. One of the most exciting developments is the ability to integrate multiple data sources with web analytics data. A classic … Read Full Post

Retrieving Log Files for Remote Hosted Web Sites

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[Editor's note: This post is part 6 of a series of posts discussing Log File Management. For more on this topic, be sure to read Tyler's other posts.] The previous blog entry entitled ‘Remote Hosted Sites and ISP Policies‘ within … Read Full Post

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