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Weekly Election Update 2011

Cardinal Path blog post

We’re going to be tracking this year’s election and related topics as they show up in conversations on Twitter. As the ongoing election meta-conversation keeps developing, we’ll keep this post up to date with our latest findings and insights, so … Read Full Post

Analyzing Twitter before 2011 Federal Budget

Cardinal Path blog post

We’re in the final lead-up to the 2011 Canadian Federal Budget announcement, which will take place on Tuesday, March 22. As someone who spends their professional life measuring and evaluating the online space, it occurred to me that this budget, … Read Full Post

The 2011 federal budget, according to Google

Cardinal Path blog post

At PublicInsite, we like to preach that all of the Internet is a poll. In fact, we often say that it’s a better poll than the ones conducted by pollsters because the sample size is so much larger and because … Read Full Post

QR codes: A marketer’s key to measurement?

Cardinal Path blog post

In a previous blog on our site called “Can QR code usage data support investment cost?” we opened a discussion about the limited uptake with QR code usage in North America. Without even looking for raw statistics on this, I … Read Full Post

Best practices for log file maintenance

Cardinal Path blog post

[Editor’s note: Part of a continuing series about best practices for log file management] There are a variety of forms of security when talking about computers, the Internet, and smart phones. With respect to log files, the security discussed here … Read Full Post

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