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Google Analytics advanced segments for mobile

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Advanced segments also provide some really cool opportunities to understand how our mobile device audiences are using our site. To learn more, select “advanced segments” from the top right of your Google Analytics dashboard (circled in red below). Next, under … Read Full Post

Tracking mobile devices in Google Analytics

Cardinal Path blog post

Google Analytics continues to amaze me with its flexibility and reporting power, and the importance of mobile is definitely not lost on Google Analytics because it has some awesome support for tracking mobile devices… In this blog we will take … Read Full Post

Keyword analysis: Spot your top performers

Cardinal Path blog post

We have now learned how to remove brand related keywords in part one of this blog series, and we can apply this approach to specific audience segments. In the next part of this keyword blog series we will look at … Read Full Post

An Introduction to Effective Keyword Analysis

Cardinal Path blog post

Keyword analysis is important because it helps you to understand your online audience(s). This includes: What are your visitors asking for? What is the language of demand? How does this demand change over time? This blog will explain how to … Read Full Post

The 5 "P's" of Mobile Marketing

Cardinal Path blog post

Why mobile devices are fundamentally different Cell phones, smart phones, and new mobile devices will open up new marketing and measurement opportunities that have never been possible before. Traditional marketing is focused on the four P’s: Product, Price, Place, and … Read Full Post

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