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Fatal Flaws when Dashboarding

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Dashboards and Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) — are attributed to the glory of Optimization. In my experience, I have seen the concepts of dashboards and KPI’s misinterpreted and often misunderstood. Concepts, often adopted as best practices, lack rigorous questioning about … Read Full Post

Klipfolio introduces KlipStart for Google Analytics

Cardinal Path is a Klipfolio Partner

You can now create powerful interactive dashboards for Google Analytics in less than three minutes with KlipStart from Klipfolio. Start customizing and integrating new data sources with a full-featured free trial of the Klipfolio.


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During our recent webinar, 5 Reasons to Prioritize your Move to Google Universal Analytics many of our audience members asked very informed questions. We want to share the Q&A portion of the webinar with you.   Watch the on-demand webinar and … Read Full Post

The State of Digital Analytics Maturity in Europe

Cardinal Path blog post

Online Dialogue, a digital optimization agency in the Netherlands, recently invited me to celebrate their 5th anniversary at the wonderful Kastell de Haar. Preaching to the choir (literally), I shared some insight about the concepts behind the digital analytics maturity … Read Full Post

Tag Management: data layer/DOM-scraping pros & cons

Data Layer

Is the data layer the be all and end all of tag management? In this article, we explore the benefits and caveats of using a data layer versus DOM-scraping techniques.

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