Nilusha Sanmuganathan

Nilusha has been working in the digital marketing space for several years. She has worked across diverse sales/marketing roles in both Canada and the United States. She is extremely enthusiastic in regards to furthering a person’s knowledge and understanding. Nilusha attended the University of Western Sydney, where she earned her a Master's in Communications. Nilusha's passion for education brought her to South Korea in 2009 to teach English as a Second Language. She brings this same zest for learning to her role as an AdWords trainer. While she is out and about quite often, you can normally find her trying to hide from the cold in Toronto, Canada.

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The Yin & Yang of Paid Search Keywords

Creating a paid search keyword strategy across platforms like Google AdWords or Bing can be challenging and like Yin & Yang, there is a balance of both positive & negative keywords that must coexist, independent yet interconnected. Most advertisers are familiar with choosing keywords to bid on (positive keywords) that will lead potential customers to … Read Full Post

Cardinal Path

Cardinal Path Training Series: 10 reasons to update your skills before the new year

Our Cardinal Path Training sessions are designed to give you the knowledge you need to become Google AdWords or Google Analytics proficient. We’ve helped thousands of marketers– from self-taught sole proprietors to Fortune 500 brand veterans– gain the skills, knowledge, and confidence to propel their business forward using data-driven marketing. Even if you think you’re … Read Full Post

Cardinal Path