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Nick Iyengar

Prior to joining Cardinal Path, Nick spent 3+ years at Google, where he managed tens of millions of dollars in ad spend for top-tier Tech B2C clients. Nick also led Google’s “Analytics Guru” team for the Mountain View, CA headquarters, applying web analytics to improve campaigns for top AdWords advertisers. He holds a B.A. in Government from Connecticut College.

Eight Great Ways to Make Google Analytics Work For You in 2013 – Part Two

Cardinal Path blog post

Yesterday, we took a look at four new features of Google Analytics that can help you take your usage of analytics to a whole new level – all without having to implement any new code on your website. Today, I’ve … Read Full Post

Multi-Channel Funnels and Stubborn Keywords Part I

Often, while managing AdWords campaigns, I run into keywords that I believe are highly relevant and I just cannot get the buggers to convert no matter what I try. If you’ve done any amount of pay-per-click ads management in your … Read Full Post

Eight Great Ways to Make Google Analytics Work For You in 2012 – Part One

Cardinal Path blog post

It’s a brand new year, and a great time to make sure you’re completely up to speed on all that changed in Google Analytics in 2011. If you haven’t logged in to your Google Analytics account in a while, you’ll … Read Full Post

Advanced Google Analytics E-Commerce Tracking – Just in Time for the Holidays!


If you’re an e-commerce business using Google Analytics, chances are you’ve already installed e-commerce tracking. At a basic level, e-commerce tracking is great because it allows you to see your online revenue right in Google Analytics, where you can segment … Read Full Post

Google Analytics Multi-Channel Funnels: An Overview


For several months now, I’ve been waiting for Google to formally launch Multi-Channel Funnels, its new attribution analysis package for Google Analytics. Today, at long last, Google announced that Multi-Channel Funnels (MCF) is beginning to launch to all users. This … Read Full Post

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