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Great New Video: Strategies for Emerging Markets

Futurist Apala Lahiri Chavan recently posted a fascinating video on designing for emerging markets. (I’ve embedded the video at the end of this post.) The example she uses is the concept of micro-selling. Now ubiquitous in India, micro-selling is the … Read Full Post

Web Design: The Case for Parallel Prototyping

First a definition: “Parallel Prototyping” is where multiple design concepts are evaluated before beginning an iterative design process. There are two different flavors of parallel prototyping (or parallel design): Several designers each create one or more designs, then the entire … Read Full Post

The Best HFI Animation Yet: “6 Steps to Persuasive Design”

HFI’s latest animated video, “6 Steps to Persuasive Design”, is their best yet. In this compelling 5½ minute animation, HFI’s CEO Dr Eric Schaffer neatly lays out the six major steps to creating an effective and persuasive website experience, one … Read Full Post

Verify: Low Cost Usability Testing Gets Even Better

Just two weeks ago, I wrote that “it’s not often useful new [UX] tools come out”. Then days later I was advised of another great enhancement, this time to ZURB’s Verify app. When I first reviewed Verify 1 ½ years … Read Full Post

Mikey Don’t Like It: An Annoying User Experience on

I had a particularly annoying experience on the other day. A video caught my eye, so I launched it – even though I knew I’d likely have to sit through an ad before the site would show me the … Read Full Post

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