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Ad Extensions Tab Launched

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It wasn’t too long ago that we were writing about Google’s launch of new ad extension options on the search network.  Recent additions that allow you to enhance your search ads have included location, product, phone, and sitelink.  Utilizing these … Read Full Post

Yahoo and Microsoft Search Alliance Transition

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As most everyone knows by now, Yahoo! and Microsoft announced a Search Alliance last year and it was recently approved by the US government in February .  Essentially, the two companies will continue with two separate search engines, however Microsoft … Read Full Post

Yahoo Search Marketing Desktop Tool is Getting Better

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The Yahoo Search Marketing desktop tool had been a long time coming when it was released last fall, yet is lacked a few key features we had become accustomed to in the other PPC desktop tools. If you have not … Read Full Post

Google's Varied Search Ad Formats and Why You Should Use Them

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Not too long ago if you wanted to show a search ad on Google with something other than basic text you were limited to the Google Content Network.  But Google has been expanding the options on the Search Network and … Read Full Post

New AdWords Feature – Ad Sitelinks

Cardinal Path blog post

Google has added yet another feature to AdWords that is sure to draw searchers attention to your ads and steer them to the most appropriate page on your site to drive conversions.  Ad Sitelinks is currently in beta and enhances … Read Full Post

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