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Melanie is a senior-level demand generation expert with a proven track record in delivering on aggressive marketing and sales qualified leads targets within the business-to-business sector, most recently in high tech and cloud-based solutions..

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The State of Digital Data in the Top 50 Nonprofit Organizations in the U.S.

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The market research and consulting company, MarketsandMarkets, recently estimated the global big data market to be $14.87 billion in 2013 and expects it to grow to $46.34 billion by 2018, reflecting widespread adoption of data capture, processing and analytics capabilities … Read Full Post


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In this on-demand webinar Your Digital To-Do List: Experts Weigh in on 2015 Priorities, learn firsthand about the tools and techniques that can have the greatest impact on your organization. In this 60-minute session, you will hear some recent, real-world examples on how … Read Full Post

A model for mature web analytics

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This article was originally published in Dutch at Frankwatching. Author: Gerry van de Weijer, Web Analytics Consultant & blogger Many people believe that online analytics is hard to do and difficult to set up. Others wonder: “How come some companies … Read Full Post

4 Ways to Set Up an Effective Google AdWords Campaign

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You can set your Google AdWords campaign up for success by following these 4 basic fundamental steps: Pick a targeted campaign focus: When creating an online ad, you need to focus on a particular topic, region (geo-targeting), service or product, … Read Full Post

Case Study: Nevada Commission on Tourism Uses Behavioral Insights to Double Conversions

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The Nevada Commission on Tourism (NCOT) has one simple goal: to drive tourists and travelers to the state of Nevada. While the lights of the Las Vegas Strip provide a compelling global beacon, the state’s hotels, resorts and other tourism-driven … Read Full Post

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