Lloyd Thomas

Lloyd has over fifteen years experience in the online sphere, spanning from Web Development, Programming, Search Engine Optimisation, UX and Digital Analytics, to name a few. He has utilized this vast range of expertise throughout his career by focusing on such aspects as web development, paid search and client services before ultimately finding his passion for web analytics, which now takes up most of his time. Before joining Cardinal Path, Lloyd was the Global Head of Digital Analytics for Clicks2Customers where he led a team consulting on web analytics for leading retailers in the APAC and EMEA regions. Lloyd is enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge and is an instructor at the University of British Columbia where he teaches courses related to the Award of Achievement in Digital Analytics. He lives in Cape Town, South Africa and enjoys watching rugby and walking on the beach.

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Simple and Powerful Testing: Getting Started with Google Optimize and Google Optimize 360 Suite

When designing a new landing page or website, it goes without saying that the designer should always adopt a user-centric approach, where the design and functionality comes first and foremost, and the goal is to make the experience as intuitive and seamless as possible –in order to allow users to perform converting actions on your … Read Full Post

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