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Getting the Most Out of Shopping Campaigns

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Google continues to expand and refine the number of avenues it offers advertisers looking to generate more revenue. One of these avenues is Google Product Listing Ads. While this is a feature that’s been around for quite some time, they’ve … Read Full Post

AdWords Image Ad Extensions

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Google continues to evolve its Ad Extensions with its latest addition in Image Ad Extensions. This is an exciting new tool that allows you to stand out and get noticed. Give your potential visitors a little visual enticement and a … Read Full Post

Getting More Out of the Ad Preview Tool

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Generally when the Ad Preview Tool gets used, it’s mainly to have a quick look to ensure that ads are running in particular regions. Below I’ve provided a couple more handy uses that the Ad Preview tool can help you … Read Full Post

AdWords Editor Tools: Duplicate Keyword Finder

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The AdWords Editor has a couple of useful tools to manage your account which you may have overlooked. One of these tools is the Duplicate Keyword Finder which helps to ensure that you haven’t accidentally added duplicate keywords within the account. … Read Full Post

Using Google AdWords Offer Extensions

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With the addition of Enhanced campaigns comes an added feature in Google Offer Extensions. If you own a physical store, this is a tool you can use to help push some extra foot traffic your way. Google Offer Extensions gives … Read Full Post

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