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Kent Clark

Some have compared him to the Dalai Lama, others to Kublai Kahn. When he isn't teaching third world children how to purify water with nothing more than a plastic bottle and a garden hose, he is creating mad waves for surfers off the west coast with little more than a paddle. Some say there is a boat involved, others that he walks on water.

Little is known about his background. he appeared from nowhere 15 years ago and claims heritage from a land with neither want not need. He makes little comment, stating only that it was a pretty cool place.

Fire does not burn him, cold does not hurt him. Words could... but they don't. When he passes, pedals fall off branches. When he speaks, hair tugs at skin, pulling just slightly in his direction.

He does not sleep but he does dream. He has muscled his way into the lives of the famous and whispered his way into their hearts. And in the wee hours he plays oboe softly, as if to sooth the night to sleep.

Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook Oh My – The Monday April 9th Roundup


Big news this week is Facebook’s buyout of Instagram for $1b. Quite the chunk of change for a service not hugely different from what they already offer. Still, their user base will be quite the catch if it doesn’t jump … Read Full Post

Guides, Guides, Guides – The Monday March 26th Roundup


Heavy week this week, with guides to HTML5, responsive design, beating panda, designing newsletters for mobile devices, optimizing conversion funnels, and persuading visitors. Yes, this is one guide heavy roundup.

New Google Analytics Social Reports

This morning Google announced the next step in their social media strategy: three new social media reports surrounding social value. These three include the social value report, the social sources report and -perhaps most exciting – the social plugins report. … Read Full Post

Future Friendly Design, GA Events, and more – The Monday March 19th Roundup


It’s spring, and with it has come the most insane weather. While its 17c in Ottawa, it snowed today in Vancouver. Then the sun came out. The roundup is similar this week, with a total lack of UX posts and … Read Full Post

The Death of SEO (Yeah Right) – The Monday March 12th Roundup


Lots of talk all over the net about the iPad3 this week, so I’ve refrained from posting about that. However, we do have non-destructive photoshop techniques, multi-channel funnels, and the final death of SEO (yeah right).

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