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Kent Clark

Some have compared him to the Dalai Lama, others to Kublai Kahn. When he isn't teaching third world children how to purify water with nothing more than a plastic bottle and a garden hose, he is creating mad waves for surfers off the west coast with little more than a paddle. Some say there is a boat involved, others that he walks on water.

Little is known about his background. he appeared from nowhere 15 years ago and claims heritage from a land with neither want not need. He makes little comment, stating only that it was a pretty cool place.

Fire does not burn him, cold does not hurt him. Words could... but they don't. When he passes, pedals fall off branches. When he speaks, hair tugs at skin, pulling just slightly in his direction.

He does not sleep but he does dream. He has muscled his way into the lives of the famous and whispered his way into their hearts. And in the wee hours he plays oboe softly, as if to sooth the night to sleep.

Posts by: Kent Clark

Spam is Spam: Keeping The Reports Away

We all hate it. Even those who send it hate spam. And when most of us receive it we do exactly what we should: report it. The problem is, what I,, as a sender, consider to be spam is not the same as … Read Full Post

Big Query, Open graph and Google Places – The Monday May 14th Roundup

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Responsive Designs, Social Media Dashboards and more – The Monday April 30th Roundup

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Common SEO Mistakes, KPIs and more – The Monday April 23rd Roundup

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Summer is coming, which is going to make writing blog posts even harder. Oddly, we have an awfully rich week, with posts on ecommerce optimization, SEO mistakes, negative SEO,  KPIs and more. Read on…

UX, Twitter Analytics and more – The Monday April 16th Roundup

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Man, last week was quiet. A short roundup this week, with 10 must have WordPress plugins, discussion of press releases and spammy link practices, discussion of Twitter analytics, and just a touch of UX advocacy. Read on…

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