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The phrase "not my job" is not one that you'll often hear escape my lips. If hear of a problem I have the skills and knowledge to solve, whether by sharing information or by getting my hands dirty, I'll jump in and help. It is this drive to contribute to the success of the team, rather than working in isolation, that makes me valuable beyond my primary job function. Throughout my career, I have often taken roles, performed tasks, and leveraged skills that did not strictly fit my job description. I deliver what is needed when it is needed.

Get More Data Out Of Google Website Optimizer with Google Analytics

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What can we get straight out of the box? Usually, when you test a page in Google Website Optimizer, this is the sort of information you’ll get: What are we looking at? These are the conversion rates for each of two … Read Full Post

Do StumbleUpon Referrals Trip Up Your Analytics Data?


A situation came up recently with a client of ours who was trying to figure out whether or not one of their pages listed on StumbleUpon (a social bookmarking site where you can queue up a random site to be … Read Full Post

Protected: PHAC VPA Presentation Deck – English

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There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Why Non-Profits Should Track Donations With Google Analytics

Online donations are without a doubt an important source of income for non-profits. As a result, it’s vital that each organization keeps track of their website and its effectiveness in achieving fundraising goals. Find out why…. Read Full Post

Election Website Showdown 2011: Part 3

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Now we’re putting the NDP in the hotseat in Part 3 of our Election Website Showdown. Read on and find out how they did. Read Full Post

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