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Jackson Lo

Jackson Lo is an SEO & Social Media Consultant at Cardinal Path. His specialty lies in SEO, Local Search, and Social Media. Over the course of the past year, his involvement in the analytics space has made him more proficient in identifying actionable insights to help clients understand how their efforts in SEO and Social Media are contributing to their overall online success. Jackson enjoys competitive volleyball, photography, arts and food. Follow Jackson on Twitter and LinkedIn to stay up to date with the latest trends in the online marketing industry, or just to chat :)

Steps to an Effective Keyword Research Process

Why would we define a keyword research process? Because there are many ways to do it and it can go on forever. I like to think of keyword research as a never-ending marathon and it’s probably best to prepare yourself … Read Full Post

Bringing Live-Tweets to Your Event

Almost two years ago, I sat at a round table to listen to world leaders at the G20 Youth Entrepreneurship Conference in Toronto. Why was I there? In short, I got my spot at the table after writing the ‘best … Read Full Post

Your Local Search Checklist for 2012

Cardinal Path blog post

The state of local search has been fast moving in 2011. Maybe not as fast as the fastest travelled smash in badminton – clocked at 332kph – but quick enough to blow your hat off and make you scramble to … Read Full Post

Measuring Social Media Success, Top 5 KPI’s to Consider

Cardinal Path blog post

Social media marketing has brought a whole new dimension into the game of online marketing. We are  truly in an era where there are an infinite number of possibilities to speak out that we weren’t able to before. At the … Read Full Post

Extracting Value out of Google Analytics: Multi-Channel Funnel Keyword Reports


One of the challenges we SEOs have had in the past was giving a “big picture story” to the question “how much return will I get from doing SEO?” or “how much has SEO worked for me thus far?” With … Read Full Post

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