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Finding Insights with Google Correlate

Cardinal Path blog post

As a statistician, I’ve always felt there hasn’t been enough emphasis on statistical analysis in the world of web analysis especially on the consulting side. People have a tendency to just look at the data and make a decision. Recently … Read Full Post

How to deal with perceptual blindness – Dare to not be different

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One of our most popular services at WebShare is to critique ecommerce sites, and one concept that comes up often is perceptual blindness.  This is the tendency to overlook something that is right in front of you because it’s not … Read Full Post

Quick Workaround for A/B Testing Across Domains

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Let’s say I have a goal of an e-commerce sale, but, the final step of the sale happens on another website.  I have all my products on my online store, and I host my own shopping cart.  Once it’s time to take … Read Full Post

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