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Danika is a Consultant with Cardinal Path's Data Science team. She has expertise in R and SAS, and has a strong passion for statistical modelling.  She holds a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics and Statistics from the University of Victoria, where she learned time series analysis, multivariate analysis, and other data analysis techniques. In her free time, Danika enjoys playing board games, hiking, and making music in Vancouver, BC. 

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How to Ramp Up your Media Measurement

Cardinal Path’s David Booth outlines five key areas that marketers can address to start optimizing their media investments, and demonstrating ROI: Measurement Testing, personalization & optimization Attribution Modeling Accountability through governance This MarTech Today article gives actionable advice for kickstarting any media measurement program.

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The Importance of Cost Data in Getting Attribution Right

As marketers continue to grapple with assessing every channel and marketing touchpoint, it’s important to note — attribution data needs context to be fully actionable. Whether you’re using rule-based attribution where all credit is assigned to a channel depending on its position in the conversion path, or data-driven attribution, where credit is fairly attributed to … Read Full Post

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Is your website helping drive conversions?

Attribution is used to determine which marketing events contribute the most (and most often) to sales conversions. But in almost all cases, customers will see more than just advertising before they convert. Oftentimes, they will be fed content across your website which is just starting to educate, inform, and ‘warm them up’ – gradually bolstering … Read Full Post

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Validating Your Attribution Model

Something that is often overlooked in the world of attribution is model validation. It can be hard for organizations to validate their attribution model because there is often no “ground truth” to compare your model to. For example, the organization’s data doesn’t have any way to say: “Yes, display deserves credit for 30% of the … Read Full Post

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