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Blog post #777 will be the last blog post on VKI Studios blog

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It has been 1785 days, 777 posts and 1103 comments, since our first blog entry on April 24th, 2006. Now it is time to say goodbye to the VKI Studios blog, VKI Studios and our beloved Hippo. This is not … Read Full Post

CSS floats, analytics math, and more – The Monday March 14th Roundup

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Round and round we go, and we're back to March. I remember when I first dug up this bug (that image on the right)… what… two years ago? Maybe it's time for me to retire it and try to find … Read Full Post

How to Write Headlines that Lure In Readers… Like Charlie Sheen to a Media Scrum

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A good headline is critical. Its purpose is to captivate your readers' attention and entice them into your body text. If it fails, all your work will be for nought and you won't stand a chance of persuading your would-be … Read Full Post

Using Sitelinks to enhance your AdWords listing.

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Sitelinks are yet another item which should be utilized to increase campaign performance. If you're not familiar with sitelinks, it's an option which can allow you to show up to four more additional links within your text ad. This can … Read Full Post

Blocklists, HTML5, and segmenting your keywords – The Monday March 7th Roundup

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What a Month. Storms throughout the city, WAA excitement in the air, phones ringing off the hook… it's like the world has woken up from hibernation and decided it's time to kick ass. This week we've got posts from mailchimp … Read Full Post

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