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Corey Koberg

Corey is a Senior Partner at Cardinal Path, a consultant and speaker in the field of search engine and online marketing. He is a regular instructor of web analytics, pay-per-click management and other internet marketing courses and webinars.

Corey holds a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Illinois and has been involved in Internet related engineering and consulting for over 14 years, beginning his career in the labs that developed the world’s first web browser. After working for Intel, Compaq, and Qualcomm, Corey has been instrumental in helping companies find and employ a scientific, results-oriented, professional approach to web analytics and search marketing.

Corey is the author of Google Analytics Essential Training (Lynda.com, 2010) and served as a technical editor of Performance Marketing with Google Analytics (Wiley, 2010).

He brings a wealth of experience in online marketing and website analytics, and has worked with companies large and small to implement and leverage Google Analytics to drive the bottom line.

Segments Out, Dimensions In

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Google has made some slight changes to Analytics over the last few weeks.  They appear to be just subtle improvements.  But could they be preparing the way for bigger enhancements to come? One change you may or may not have … Read Full Post

Robots and your Website – Google’s robots.txt File Generator

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We’ve all seen the movies where the robots are coming for us, including classics such as The Terminator and The Matrix. What people may not know is that they already came for us – and got all of our information… … Read Full Post

Freeing Your Site's Information: Google WebMaster Tools

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The internet is the largest and most varied medium of information in all of human history, housing literally billions of web pages ranging in topics from the mundane to the esoteric. Many companies struggle with determining how to make their … Read Full Post

Microsoft makes bid for Yahoo!

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In by far the most significant move that Microsoft has made to gain a foothold in the search and advertising market, the company has bid $44.6 billion for the number 2 search giant, Yahoo! Inc. Offering $31 per share, a … Read Full Post

Google Testing a New Knowledge Aggregate System Called Knol

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In early December Google began testing a new tool called Knol, and of course it is getting a lot of buzz. The theory behind Knol is to apply Google’s “knowledge” of relevance analysis into creating a web space where you … Read Full Post

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