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Will Google’s “Orca” update target social?

Google’s “Panda” and “Penguin” algorithm updates were named after black and white animals. While there is nothing backing up the prediction, industry analysts suspect Google will continue the trend of using the name of a black and white animal for … Read Full Post

How To Use Eek-Commerce to Scare Up Sales for Halloween (or any) Season

Eek-commerce is marketing designed to create an honest sense of fear and foreboding that the consumer may miss out on “something” if they don’t ACT NOW. The biggest problem marketers face today is that consumers are nowhere near as ignorant … Read Full Post

World War E – The Battle For Online Retail Supremacy

Competition for survival in the online world of eCommerce retail has always been fierce. However, the online war for retail dominance can be won by bringing in experts who know how to read the terrain and who will find the … Read Full Post

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