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How to Find and Purge Personally Identifiable Information from Your Google Analytics

Google policies mandate that no data be passed to them that could be recognized as personally identifiable. This post aims to provide an easy-to-follow, structured approach to identifying Personally Identifiable Information (PII) that might exist in your or your client’s Google Analytics account, as well as different methods for preventing further collection of such information. … Read Full Post

Vimeo Tracking with Google Tag Manager

Tracking how users are interacting with your embedded Vimeo videos is now easier than ever thanks to Google Tag Manager (GTM). After reading my colleague Nicky Yuen’s post about tracking user interaction with embedded YouTube videos, I felt inspired to write a similar post about Vimeo videos. So without further ado, here is the step … Read Full Post

Tag Management

Fun with Invisible Unicode Characters

This week I had the pleasure of being introduced to a “friend” in the world of “why isn’t my TMS working”. This friend’s name is the “Zero Width Space” character, and its unicode value is U+200B. You can learn more about this character here. This character is exactly what it sounds like, a character that appears … Read Full Post

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