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Barbara Kittridge

As Chief Marketing Officer at Cardinal Path, Barb brings her unique expertise and global experience from working with the Fortune 500 to the task of advocating for marketers to own and exploit their data. Focused on sharing the Cardinal Path success story and the value it drives for its partners, Barb is driving industry-wide marketing excellence and innovation by evangelizing Cardinal Path's digital intelligence, data and analytics offerings. She understands how critical it is to provide decision support to marketers in order to ensure clients can rationalize their channel marketing investments.

Her prior role as Global Client Managing Director at Starcom MediaVest’s London operation saw her managing one of the largest global teams – the five division, 100+ market Novartis pharmaceutical assignment. As the Managing Director for Spark (another SMG division) Barb combined her unique international experience with her extensive hands-on work developing successful digital/mobile /social networking /viral marketing/content/event platforms spanning both the client and agency sides of the business. Working with T-Mobile and Vodafone as their global media, consumer communications and global content/promotions head, she was responsible for developing Vodafone’s viral marketing and mobile TV offerings along with creating unique music content and entertainment partnerships with superstar musicians like the Black Eyed Peas and Robbie Williams.

Barb went on to manage L’Oreal’s integrated marketing and communications function in the U.S. for the Maybelline NY and Garnier divisions. She has also worked extensively in the international sports media scene, activating sponsorships for Vodafone with the Champions League, McLaren Mercedes and Ferrari Formula One Racing Teams, and the World Cup programs.

A mentor to many in the industry, Barb was named to Internationalist Magazine’s Agency Innovator list in 2009 and was responsible for leading Spark to win Media Magazine's 2009 Boutique Agency of the Year. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in History from Northwestern University in Evanston and her Master of Business Administration in marketing with a concentration in international business from Chicago’s Loyola University Graduate School of Business. In her free time Barb enjoys sailing, running, water skiing, blogging and is an avid world traveler.

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