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Bethany is a Digital Marketing Consultant at Cardinal Path, managing paid search accounts across multiple platforms including AdWords, Bing, Twitter, etc. She also travels the country training AdWords 101 and 201 courses as a Senior Instructor for Cardinal Path Training Academy. Bethany enjoys eating almost anything, the strangest being bone marrow and chocolate covered ants.

AdWords Default Settings That Are Wasting Your Money

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Google AdWords is an amazing tool that enables you to drive qualified traffic to your site. You as an advertiser can target people who are actively looking for the product or service you provide. The number of options available within … Read Full Post

Pro Secrets: Beat The AdWords Character Limit – How to Get an Ad Headline to Exceed 25 Characters

Cardinal Path blog post

Exercise bike pedal straps. These are the keywords that started it all. I was writing an ad for a product, and really wanted the keyword in the headline as this practice leads to the highest boost in CTR. Unfortunately exercise … Read Full Post

Removing AdWords Automatic CPC Bid Limit

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I’m always hesitant about using automatic features in Google, but automatic bidding for clicks is one I’ve had success with in the past. I decided to see what would happen if I removed the bid limit from our highest traffic … Read Full Post

How High CTR & Conversion Rates Can Be Bad for Business

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I’m just going to say it, sometimes striving for a high click-through and conversion rate can actually be bad for your business. I know this probably goes against everything you’ve ever been told about optimizing an AdWords account. A high … Read Full Post

Yes, You Should Bid On Branded Terms

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“Why do I want to pay for my brand name?” is a question I’ve heard numerous times during my career in PPC. The last time was just last week during Cardinal Path’s AdWords & Analytics training. A business owner pulled … Read Full Post

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