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Cardinal Path SEO Training

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When: April 25th & 26th @ 8:30am – 4:30pm Where: 1080 Howe Street #503 Vancouver, BC, Canada Successful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) doesn’t require tricks or secrets, just the clever application of a few principles across your content, technical structure, … Read Full Post

Some decisions to take beforehand on multilingual SEO strategies

Hold on! Sure, you’re excited to get your content online, but stop asking for a site to be built, and think about its audience. There are many things to consider and decisions to make, especially when it comes to international … Read Full Post

Countries and languages. Shaken, not stirred for International SEO

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Managing languages correctly is the cornerstone of great international SEO. While there are many elements specific to individual languages and countries, today I want to talk about some basic concepts: A language does not represent a country For example: Spanish is official … Read Full Post

The 50 feeds keeping me updated on SEO

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SEO is a study that changes every day. I make my living practicing it but I invest a minimum of daily time on keeping myself updated. It is a must. There are several sources of information I like to keep … Read Full Post

Webinar: Analyze & Optimize: Measuring your SEO performance

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Download Slides You can’t improve your traffic if you can’t measure it. This half hour webinar explains how you can improve your traffic by measuring, interpreting, and optimizing your website for search engines. This webinar will help you: Develop general … Read Full Post

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