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Bill is a Consultant on the Digital Intelligence team who works remotely from the Vancouver Office. His area of expertise includes Analytics Implementations for both Google and Adobe products, and he is convinced that he can track nearly anything. He is certified in Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, and Eloqua. Before coming to Cardinal Path, Bill was the Senior Developer responsible for the countless initiatives of the Western Union Business Solutions marketing department who also had a lead role with their integrations of Marketing Automation, Customer Relation Management (CRM), and Content Management Systems (CMS). His current and past experiences in the Digital Marketing and the development industry has given him a competitive edge to easily associate and relate with both Marketers and Developers. Bill lives in Victoria, BC Canada and enjoys biking, camping and travel with his family.

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Switching CMS Platforms? Read this first.

Here at Cardinal Path, we’ve noticed a trend across many of our clients. A considerable number of them are switching content management systems(CMS) at the moment, but are unaware of the impact that this will have on their analytics data collection and set up. If not properly accounted for, the result will be obscured data … Read Full Post

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Advanced Click Tracking with Dynamic Tag Manager

Overview Dynamic Tag Manager makes it simple to set attributes based on the element which is clicked. While this generally satisfies most click tracking needs, there comes a time when advanced tracking is required in order to pass specific data to conversion or traffic variables when deploying Adobe Analytics. In this article, we will share … Read Full Post

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How much of your web content is being consumed?

One of the most common questions we get from marketers is, “How much of my website content is being consumed by my audience?” In order to truly answer this question, my colleague Alex Clemmons and I created a metric called Page Velocity to measure content consumption, as opposed to the traditional pages per session. The … Read Full Post

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Integrating Optimizely with Google Tag Manager

Integrating Optimizely with GTM

Anyone serious about improving their website must consider using an optimization platform. And what better way than to track results in combination with your Google Analytics data?  In this post I’m going to share how to get Optimizely integrated into Google Analytics via Google Tag Manager (GTM). If you haven’t already jumped into the world … Read Full Post

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