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Marketing Analytics Report: U.S. Online Retailers Challenged To Drive Performance Through Data

NEW YORK, Jan. 5, 2017 /PRNewswire/ —┬áCardinal Path, an award-winning digital marketing analytics consultancy, today released a report on the use of digital marketing analytics, tag management systems, and testing, optimization and personalization tools within the top 1000 online retailers in the United States.

“Analytics maturity – in terms of technology – has clearly grown in the past year. Analytics platforms are now universal, and adoption of tag management systems has grown by at least 13%,” says Nick Iyengar, Director, Digital Intelligence, Cardinal Path, and author of the report. “While the top 1000 online retailers have made strides in adopting technology for analytics, there’s plenty of room for improvement in activating data to improve the customer experience. We found that just 37% of the top 1000 online retailers have testing, optimization, or personalization tools.”

The State of Digital Marketing Analytics in the Top 1000 Online Retailers delivers a clear view of how the dominant analytics platforms, tag management and optimization platforms stack up across the leading ecommerce organizations.

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About Cardinal Path:

Cardinal Path is a marketing analytics consulting firm that works with the world's most prominent organizations to create, implement and action advanced analytics. Named Most Influential Agency by the Digital Analytics Association in 2015, Cardinal Path is known for its industry leadership and for tools such as the Online Analytics Maturity Model, a framework for assessing enterprise-wide analytics maturity. Comprising dedicated teams of award-winning analysts, statisticians, academics, developers, and many of the top minds in the digital marketing space, Cardinal Path helps its clients to unlock the value of their data, sharing all that we know and empowering people to make confident business decisions.

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