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About Cardinal Path

Cardinal Path: Empowering Confident Decisions

Cardinal Path understands how to navigate today’s digital landscape to deliver sustainable value creation from your data.

Cardinal Path Are Analytics Ninjas

“ *Specialist Consultancies are web analytics ninjas… With a laser focus on digital data and analytics, they provide a comprehensive set of services spanning the entire analytics lifecycle, from solution design and implementation through ongoing analysis and maintenance.”

*: Where To Get Help With Web Analytics., Forrester Research, January, 2012 – Cardinal Path was included as an example in the “Specialist Consultancies” category of web analytics service providers by Forrester Research, Inc

We can help you enable strategic, data-driven decision making at every level of your organization and leverage the latest digital technology, thinking and approaches. Cardinal Path is comprised of some of the finest analysts, statisticians, technologists, developers, authors, academics, presenters, instructors, and practitioners of cutting edge digital intelligence in the industry today.

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