SEO is a study that changes every day. I make my living practicing it but I invest a minimum of daily time on keeping myself updated. It is a must.

There are several sources of information I like to keep an eye on but RSS feeds and Twitter make up the bulk of it, and I follow people across both.

I don’t, however, follow the same people across different channels, largely for two reasons: first to avoid information redundancy; and second because the fact someone has a great blog does not necessarily make their tweets interesting and the other way round. So I pick the people/channel most relevant to me. Maybe you, disagree but this is how it goes at “Casa Lopez”.

In the time between having breakfast with my wife and daughter and heading to the office I like to have and decent espresso while taking a look at my feeds to guess what is going on in SEO world. Around 55 to 75 new articles are popping up daily, quick scan of the tiles to end up reading the 3 to 7 of them that catch my attention.

Besides the 50 SEO feeds listed here I follow around 30 more for topics like Web Analytics, Usability, Link building, Information Architecture or any other SEO related discipline.  Not counting the ones I read in Spanish. I should be writing a post on who is who in Search and Analytics space in Spain, we have really good people there.

This list has no particular order, I understand titles like “Best 10 SEO feeds ever” would attract more visits but I dislike the approach of “top X whatever”. Most of my favourite guitar players would never hit ‘100 Greatest Rock Guitarists list’ but they are not worst than the popular, just different, you know what I mean.

Some are sites with daily updates on search market and some other with more “once in a while insightful hardcore” SEO articles (my favorites).

Here you have them:


Sure you have more interesting blogs you can point to all of us down in the comments area.

  • Great post and very useful  websites. Thanks!

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    Nice to be included in this list, Ani…few of us Canucks here…but all of us bring a passion to what it is we do…get our clients on page 1 at Google! Thanks….and we must must meet up at a conference soon for that beer! :-)))

    • My pleasure Jim.

      Yes, sooner or later we’ll have that beer together

  • Great Resourses! Thanks for sharing. I was reading a major share of these feed, however some feed are new to me and they are great sources for seo and internet marketing.

  • Great Resourses! Thanks for sharing. I was reading a major share of these feed, however some feed are new to me and they are great sources for seo and internet marketing.

  • I love a good list – especially SEO blogs. Well done Ani 🙂

  • Doing the Snoopy high five… too bad I couldn’t upload the picture. Thanks for including us in this wonderful list. Not sure what rock I was buried under since I just noticed this. Nevertheless, It’s never too late to say I thank you, my readers thank you & the whole Level343 team thanks you.
    PS here’s the picture 🙂 Enjoy your weekend!

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  • Thanks for the list.  I think it is important to have a list like this and only look at the best since there are so many other resources out here.

  • Hey Great list ..this is very helpful for me thanks a lot

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    Thanks for the list, didn’t have quite a lot of them!

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    I am just starting out on trying to understand the value of RSS as an SEO tool and I came across the incredible list of useful resource material. Thank you for this. I will be busy for ages to come!

  • Thanks for the list alopez, i will check them out one by one and d feed on the ones that is relevant to my niche. Aside from the obvious that RSS is one source to get more ideas to blog, but on the seo part, I am not quite sure what it can do to my blogging site.


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  • wow … find some new websites that I never knew

  • I subscribe to many of these myself

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